E-Learning System

“Education today has transcended from classrooms to laptops and tablets. Gone are the days when you had to revisit your notes to remember something from the lecture. Now the lecture is available in its whole within a click of button. ”

Transforming education into digital classrooms has been an efficient way of reaching students who are far away and still need the knowledge. At nTier IT Solutions we have always supported and believed education is the best approach to all the problems and issues. It’s the only reason why we have collaborated with the industry leaders in education to understand the constraints and limitation of Education when transitioned online. We have been able to solve many of the issues and continuously upgrading ourselves in the same. 

nTier IT Solutions has been creating E-Learning Systems for many educational institutes and training centres to make their content more accessible, fast and informative. Some of the features of our E-Learning Systems are:

Student / Course-Creator Login
Realtime question and answers
Students Subscription
Quiz and Results Management
Lesson Designing Forums
Messaging and Announcement Systems

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